QuizWitz dev: browsers & the world

Dear lab cats

How are y’all purring? We’ve been quiet for a little while, but there’s only good news! Development is going great and we had a blast at Made In Asia 2015! Here’s what’s happening.

QuizWitz and the world

Here’s a little visualization of the platform and the party game together! People (cats in this case) play the game together with friends through their online profile. Their profile registers their performance and the player rises in the rankings, while their expertise in the played categories grows.

Cartoon Movie & Made In Asia

The past few weeks we’ve been working our fur off! First, I went to the Cartoon Games and Cartoon Movie event in Lyon! It was a huge networking event where about 750 people were watching pitches, having meetings and some French wine. It was all very intimidating at first but I had a blast and made lots of new buddies.

Last weekend we were at Made In Asia in Brussels, a massive convention for geeks. It required a lot of preparation, but it was all worth it. Lots of people came to play the game and answered questions about Asia all weekend long! You can play them here, but I must warn you: the quiz is tough, but you can’t learn from a correct answer, can you?

The Browser Challenge

Even though most people love to play a quiz, the difficulty is to anticipate how players will use our platform. There’s a lot of variables we have to take into account. Right now we’re focused on making the remote views work on every device, which is a tough job. Everyone uses a different browser on a different device, all while being connected to another network.

Of course, every beginning is hard and we feel we can use any help we can get. If you have any doubts or insights you’d like to share with us, leave them in the whiskers box below, or find us on Facebook!

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